Today I woke up refreshed and excited to start my journey, ok my stomach was still a little upset from the chinese food we ordered last night. Yes I know today was going to be the first day on this path to my smokin hot body that is waiting for me somewhere. I did however get to the gym early for my kickboxing class, with my instructor who will not listen to my moans and groans of how I hate push ups and have never been able to do a proper one. Hmmm another thing to add to my 40 goal list, do a proper push up or 10. Feeling great after my class I came home motivated that I was off to a good start, so motivated that I put in the Insanity DVD that I had done all summer and did another full workout. Actually I did take a little break in between to drink about a gallon of water.

I have decided that it is me against this body weight, I plan on winning this battle and if it means that I have to double up on the workouts then that’s just what I will do.

Now as I sit here writing this I feel the benefits(pain) of my workouts this morning. I’m wondering how it is exactly that I’m going to be able to go out for that nice romantic dinner with my hubby tonight (yes to a restaurant, yes maybe I’ll have some wine…. what’s your point??) Tomorrow is another day and haven’t you heard you should always start a new program on a Mondays?